Sunday, April 10, 2011

More progress

We made some more progress today. I came home from my 9AM appointment with my personal trainer (he made me run 6 sets of "suicides!"), I found Aaron out back digging post holes for the trellis. I joined in and started running chicken wire along another length of fence, then got to work getting that annoying tree out of the corner by my third bed. With a bit of help from my father in law, I got it all down and cleared out. I'm building a compost pile around the remaining stump, and hope it will just get rid of itself in a few years.

Tree remains on right, sad stump (and no annoying dead tree) in the back left corner.

Aaron got 3 of the 4 post holes dug, posts in, concrete footings added...and we started to put the trellis up. Turns out we have to do some cutting, and a storm is coming in, so we're done for the day.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

First Spring Day

It's not the first day of spring, but it's the first day that really felt like it. Aaron and I were able to work in the yard in jeans and a t-shirt. We took a trip to Menard's with my father in law to purchase supplies: trellis & posts, chicken wire, and beams for the raised beds. We had to head to Lowe's afterwards, because Menard's doesn't carry compost. They didn't seam to carry much of anything organic (just potting soil).

When we got back home we amended the soil in the two existing raised beds with some compost and peat moss. After Aaron tilled it in, I checked the UW Extension garden calendar and learned that I could plant some veggies. So, today I planted two kinds of carrots, beets and chard, and three kinds of lettuce. I still need to get some more greens in the garden, and I hope to do that tomorrow.

Our garden construction projects have started. Aaron tilled up a portion of the lawn and installed one of our four new raised beds.

Aaron also tilled the space that the trellis/gate will occupy. His hops had to get in the ground today, so he planted those but we're still trellis-less.