Sunday, February 12, 2012

Starting Onions, Leeks & Chives

The 2012 Gross Farms garden has officially started. Last year my onions starts were pretty sad. I meticulously put 1-2 seeds in each cell, over watered, failed to fertilize, and started them too late.

Hopefully this year will be different. According to the University of Wisconsin Extension planting calendar, onions should be started indoors on February 15, so I'm only a few days early. I planted each variety in one 4-inch pot instead of messing around with individual cells. Basically I followed the method in this video.

Here's what went into the pots:
  • One 2012 package of yellow sweet spanish onion (Pinetree Garden Seeds)
  • One 2012 package of red wing onion (Pinetree Garden Seeds)
  • Remainder of 2011 package of yellow of parma onion (Seed Savers Exchange)
  • Remainder of 2011 package of blue solaise leek (Seed Savers Exchange)
  • Remainder of 2010 package of Chinese garlic chives (Botanical Interests)
There's nothing very picturesque to photograph, but hopefully I'll have good news when they start to germinate.

This almost feels like a false start, since after this planting I wait four weeks until I start my next round of seeds.

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