Thursday, May 3, 2012

First Harvest of 2012

The first harvest at Gross Farms includes two radishes (one is quite small) and a few chives (there are plenty of chives out there but I didn't bother to pick them until today). Not pictured are the handful of basil leaves I picked off my seedlings to encourage them to branch out.

The radishes and chives went into a salad with store-bought greens and a quick balsamic dressing. We served the salad with some golden carrot and white truffle ravioli (purchased at the local farmer's market) topped with pesto (frozen from last year's garden) and our tiny basil harvest. Dinner was delicious.

This is my first year growing radishes. I never really had a taste for them, and honestly - I only grew them this year because I knew they'd be the first thing I could harvest. I purposely planted the ones that claimed to be mild. These easter egg radishes are actually quiet delicious. I'm fascinated by the fact that they're basically growing above the ground. Perhaps I should plant some more :)

What's the first spring vegetable you're usually able to harvest?

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