Sunday, May 20, 2012

Planting Day: Intern Edition

This weekend was a transformation for the garden. On Saturday I woke up and got to work early - I was in the garden by 7:00 a.m. I tilled the 3.5 beds that hadn't been planted yet, added compost, and was about to call it a day and leave all the planting for Sunday when Aaron told me "the tomatoes need to get in the ground. Now."

He was right. They weren't staying moist in their small pots, which they were outgrowing, and many of the leaves were starting to yellow. So, we rolled up our sleeves and planted 27 tomatoes, which were promptly mulched and watered in. They already look happier.

That's the tomatoes in the back bed, as well as the left half of the middle bed.
The major work day was Sunday. I planted broccoli, celery, basil, and parsley from transplants, and then "the intern" arrived. My friend Melissa is interested in starting a garden, and she asked if she could come by and help me plant mine. Never one to turn down free, willing labor, I agreed.

We got to work planting pepper (28) and eggplant (3) transplants. Then, it was on to direct-seeded crops. We planted two types of cucumbers, papaya squash, and 8-ball and black beauty zucchini. Then it was time to tackle the weeds on the back fence, again. They're nothing like they were before, but I'm trying to get them every time they come up so I can stay ahead in the battle. The back fence is where a variety of pole and bush beans will grow. I wanted to plant them today, but the soil was too dry for my tastes; tilling it would have created a dust cloud. I'll wait until after the rain that's supposed to head our way.

The sad, dry, back bed, just waiting for some peas.
Bed on top right includes peppers, eggplants, and newly-seeded summer squash.

The afternoon was dedicated to containers. I potted up some extra sage, thyme, and oregano, planted a few pots full of nasturtiums, and planted fennel and carrots in some large planters that are now located in the garden. I gave an uprooted chives plant a semi-permanent home in a large pot (it was kicked out of the garden bed to make way for broccoli), and planted dill in a pot since I bumped it out of the beds to plant more peppers. We also got two beautiful hanging planters from my parents, so Aaron affixed them to the fence between garden rows and I planted nasturtiums. I must say, with the exception of the empty back fence line, the garden looks lovely.

From back: 2 pots of newly-seeded nasturtiums, oregon, sage

From back: sage, two pots of newly-seeded nasturtiums, and thyme.

I was very thankful for Melissa's help, and even more so for her photography. She took some great shots in the garden. Here are a handful of them.

Peppers in their "pots" waiting to be planted. Spaced approximately one per square foot.

The earlier portion of the garden. I believe this is Bloomsdale spinach.
More of the spring garden. Assorted lettuces from Pine Tree lettuce mix.


  1. Job well done! I wish I had an intern :-)

  2. You and Melissa get an A+; everything looks wonderful!