Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Plant Migration

The Wisconsin weather finally realized it's May, and we had a warm and humid day today, starting with an early-morning thunder storm. The 10-day forecast shows continued lows in the 50's, so many of my seedlings are making a trip straight from the grow station to the mini greenhouse, where they'll stay for a week or so until I start to really harden them off outside the confines of the warming plastic. The weather cooperated just in time, as my tomatoes and zinnias were starting to touch the lights at their highest setting.

So, out went the tomatoes, zinnias, celery, and tiny amount of lettuce. I'm leaving the basil, eggplant and peppers inside for awhile - they need to size up a bit more.

As for my in-ground crops, I'll be harvesting easter egg radishes any day now. Turnips and beets are starting to size up, and I have some small lettuce heads. Something is eating my arugula - maybe slugs? Spinach is finally starting to form true leaves. The peas are really growing slowly. I haven't had a single carrot germinate, and I planted them two-three weeks ago. I didn't cover them in burlap or boards, so I'm wondering if they had inconsistent moisture. Is there still a chance they'll germinate?

My garlic and chives are thriving, but I need to move the chives a yet undetermined location. They're planted where my broccoli should be this year - I wasn't really thinking when I just threw them into the bed last spring.

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